Meritorious Artist

Doan Anh Tuan


Meritorious Artist Doan Anh Tuan was honored to be one of the four well-known Vietnamese “Đàn Bầu” artists in the middle of the 20th century, who are Manh Thang, Duc Nhuan, Ba Chuong, and Doan Anh Tuan.

During 37 years working at Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theatre, he had made significant contribution to the country’s folk music. He was the first Vietnamese artist who played “Đàn Bầu” with both the National and International Symphony Orchestras, as well as the Electronic Orchestras in light music style. In addition to performing, he continuously researched and explored “Đàn Bầu”, to find ways to innovate and develop the features of this traditional instrument, thereby maximizing its sounds and effects. This then led to the creation of a professional high-end Dan Bau performance style, which contributed greatly to the development of Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theatre in particular, as well as the national music in general.

For his entire life dedicated to the pursuit of developing and teaching the Vietnamese traditional “Đàn Bầu” instrument, he is well recognised by the Party and State with a range of prestigious awards and medals in professional music competitions and concerts nationwide. In 1988, he was honored with the Meritorious Artist Title.

Highlight awards

Gold Medal of Professional Music and Dance Concert 1964​

Gold Medal of National Musical Instrument Festival 1965 for the performance of “Tu Dai Canh”

Silver Medal of Professional Music and Dance Concert 1968 for the performance of “Concerto for Dan Bau & the symphony orchestra”

Silver Medal of Ensemble of National Orchestra – The National Musical Instrument Festival 1992 for the performance of “Dien Hong Conference"

Other highlight achievements

​Born and raised in a family with a tradition of teaching, Meritorious Artist Doan Anh Tuan had soon developed a great passion and enthusiasm for teaching “Đàn Bầu” musical instrument. He was a dedicated teacher of many generations of young artists, gifted children, many of which have been successful in their professional music career and held leaderships of the nation’s art units and organisations, such as:

  • People’s Artist Nguyen Tien Nguyen - Former Director of Music Theatre of the People's Army of Vietnam

  • Meritorious Artist Hoang Xuan Binh - Deputy Director of Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theatre

  • “Đàn Bầu” Artist Thai Khac Cung - Director of Cultural and Sports Center in Vinh City, Nghe An province

Being recognised for his talents and enthusiasm, he was also appointed by the Ministry of Culture to participate in the National Art Delegations who represent Vietnam at international performances over 50 countries worldwide. He was honored to perform for the Paris Peace Accords, the Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam, in 1969.


His records have been played on radio for decades until today. Many of these records were chosen as the theme music for a wide range of programs on Vietnam Television and Voice of Vietnam (VOV), which have inspired many generations of audience nationwide with the bright, charming and emotional sound of a very unique Vietnam’s traditional musical instrument.

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